Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Microeconomics (2068Q4): What are the push and pull factors behind individual decision of poor Nepali worker's to go to foreign countries for employment?

Nepali workers go to foreign countries for employment

Pushing Factors

There are a lot of factors that compel the Nepalese workers to go foreign countries for employment. Some major pushing factors are as follows:-

1. Insecurity

People who wants to work in home land they are suffering from insecurity of business and themselves too. Fearfulness of  demand of donation by political parties, unions and other groups has made difficult to work. The basic needs for work environment hasn't prepared by the government. So its insecure to work in homeland.

2. Unstable political situation

The unstable political situation has made critical situation for work environment. Nepal Bandas, strikes by different parties, unions, groups has inversely effect the chances of employment in home country.

3. Unstable government
4. Lack of basic foundations for working environment
5. Poor law and order

Pulling Factors

  1. Better employment opportunities
  2. Attractive salary
  3. Earning money
  4. Job guarantee
  5. Information from partners working abroad

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