Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Computer: Information Technology (IT) Development History in Nepal

Year Activity 
1971: Introduction of computer for census (IBM1401)

Establishment of Electronic Data Processing Centre. Now merged with the National Computer Centre, for promoting computer usage and computer literacy

First Private Overseas Investment in software development by establishing company for  export, Data Systems International (p) LTD

1985: Distribution of Personal Computers in Nepal

1992: Establishment of Computer Association of Nepal

1996: Establishment of the Ministry of Science, Technology & Environment

1995: Establishment of Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.

1998: Establishment of Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA)

2000: Announcement of the first IT policy, “IT Policy 2000”

2001: Establishment of National Information Technology Center

2004: Enactment of Electronics Transaction Act

2004: Telecommunication Policy 2060

2008: Establishment of Government Integrated Data Center

2008: Publication of National Standard Code for Information Interchange.

2010: Promulgation of IT Policy 2010

2012: Establishment of  Department of Information Technology

2014: Disaster Recovery Center  is being constructed in Hetauda 

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